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Dean Bertram

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Dean Bertram has a PhD in history from the University of Sydney, Australia. His doctoral dissertation was titled Flying Saucer Culture: An Historical Survey of American UFO Belief.


Now living in a cabin in the North Woods of Wisconsin, Dean hales from Sydney, Australia. There, among other things, he was a columnist for The Spectator (Australia). His freelance writings have appeared in a wide assortment of other publications, including Fortean Times, The Australian, People Magazine, and The Australian Financial Review.


He is also a filmmaker. You can catch the feature film he produced with Enzo Tedeschi - A Night of Horror: Volume 1 - on most streaming platforms. However, in the world of independent genre film, Dean is perhaps best known as the founder of A Night of Horror International Film Festival, and MidWest WeirdFest. He remains the programming director of MidWest WeirdFest, which consistently ranks as one of the world's 100 best reviewed film festivals on FilmFreeway (out of a field of over 8,000 fests).


Dean co-hosts the podcast Talking Weird with Jenn Dorrell, and presents the new 5-minute-per-episode video series Fort Thought.


He is co-authoring a book with Zelia Edgar (AKA Just Another Tin Foil Hat). While that project is still hush-hush, apparently it promises a cross-phenomenological analysis of the paranormal... kind-of...

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Jenn Dorrell

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Jenn Dorrell-Van Dyke has been fascinated by the paranormal since she was a child.


Her obsession was triggered by a nighttime visitation from an unknown woman. Years later, she relayed this experience to family members. They realized that the “unknown” visitor was no stranger, but rather Jenn's great grandmother; who had passed away four years before Jenn was born.


Indeed, this initial encounter seemed to open a door for other anomalous happenings in Jenn's life, including: Shadow people, disembodied voices, astral projection, lights in the sky, sleep paralysis, and her sense of never being alone.


Coming from a Baptist background, Jenn's encounters were dismissed by friends and loved ones. She was left to face an array of strange phenomena alone.


It wasn’t until she entered her forties, that Jenn decided to try and make peace with the unseen forces surrounding her.


In Haunted Jenn, her new video series, she invites viewers to accompany her on a very personal quest for answers to these lifelong experiences.


Jenn also co-hosts the Talking Weird podcast with Dean Bertram.